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Since hiring a government affairs team, WASFA has seen a 100% success rate at the Washington State legislature. We have defeated every bill that would have negatively impacted the vaping industry. We have gained the trust of lawmakers through our professional, detailed, accurate and truthful approach. WASFA has also continuously voiced our support for more enforcement, funds for the LCB, youth prevention, cessation programs and anti-smoking education programs. 


WASFA has become a resource for legislators, their staff, and stakeholders - groups like the Association of Washington Business have used our data in their testimony and we have provided correct information to others in our coalition for references. 


By joining WASFA, you’ll play a vital role in developing and promoting the policies that directly impact your business and your customers. Establish yourself as leader and make your voice heard! Membership gives you a platform to share the ideas, tools, and practices that generate success. 100% of your dues go directly to retaining our lobbyists - no administrative fees are withheld. 

What can the Washington Smoke Free Association Offer You? 


Government Relations - WASFA’s lobbying team has 20 years of combined experience at the legislature, Governors' office and regulatory agencies. Both Tony Sermonti and Sara Stewart are highly respected in Olympia and under their leadership, WASFA has successfully prevented negative legislation from moving forward for the past 3 years. 


Day on the Hill - Each legislative session, WASFA conducts a “lobby day” where members come to Olympia to meet with their lawmakers to talk about issues relating to the industry. A virtual training prior to these meetings is provided - you will learn how to talk to your legislator and will be given an overview of our current


Member Connections - WASFA connects our members with their elected officials both during the legislative session and during the interim. You will be coached by our lobbying team on topics, strategy and execution to ensure that each meeting is successful and positive. 


Networking Opportunities - Now that COVID restrictions are behind us, WASFA hopes to convene social events around the state providing members the opportunity to interact with each other and local elected officials.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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